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Worst Player Experince 2018

The Intrusive Source of Wealth requests

As the UK and EU law makers scramble to show how much they care about the players of online casinos, they have at the same time shown how much they don’t know about the mindset of the gambler. This year we have seen the Source of Wealth requirements shoved down the throats of many players in the the UK and EU. And yeah, I agree with the spirit of the SOW: the casino needs to ensure that a single mom is not blowing her entire paycheck on slots, or that some bank employee is not using her bosses credit card. This all looks fine and dandy on paper, but in the real world it is not so simple. These gambling folk are not trying to by a new stereo system, they are gamblers wanting to gamble.

Many gamblers want to do so in private – they don’t want their friends of family to know – they lurk on gaming forums (only one fifth of our forum traffic logs in and posts) that’s the nature of the beast. Another natural thing about this “beast” is the fact that gamblers are going to gamble whether the government likes it or not. We have proven at Casinomeister that there are loads of banana republic regulated casinos that will take players in from any jurisdiction, to include self excluded players from the UK or EU, or players who don’t want to submit bank statements or pay stubs to prove where their salaries are coming from. This intrusiveness is just sending players to these non-regulated casinos in droves. A recent poll in our forum indicates that 25% of UK/EU players will play only at casinos that do not require Source of Wealth documents. So the plan is backfiring – this percentage should never be that high.

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Those are just some of the threads that popped up this year. Reading those you will understand that this is collectively the worst player experince of 2018.

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