Casinomeister 2018 Awards

Worst Customer Service 2018

Where they treat customers like a King – Rodney King that is.

And the winner is…Danguad Limited

In some ways you have to admire the brass of this Cyprus-based casino group. They’ve managed to polish the turd for a surprisingly long time given the number of complaints their casinos generate. However when you look back over the body of cases — and we have a good many to refer to, almost a dozen this past year and several times that over recent years — it’s rather shocking what these guys get up to:

  • confiscations based on retroactive Terms changes.
  • confiscations based on bogus violation claims (imaginary “max bet” claims in particular).
  • free-rolling (accepting bets from but refusing payment to) players from non-licensed jurisdictions.
  • no-pay and insufferably slow-pay of balances owed.
  • predatory Terms & Conditions.
  • ignored player complaints.
  • not responding to evidence presented on player complaints.
  • denying ownership and/or association with other casinos in the same group.
  • slow-pay on jackpots, including later refusing payment for imaginary Terms violations.
  • etc.

And how did they manage to get away with so much for so long? In Canada it’s known as the “Colin Thatcher” school of defense: deny, deny, deny. Almost without fail the casino representatives will deny anything and everything they are confronted with.

2018 seems to be the year their roguey practices and endless BS caught up with them though, they’ve finally managed to get themselves blacklisted at most respected player portals (see ours at GENERAL WARNING – avoid all Danguad casinos).​

The proud recipients of these accolade are:

And there seems to be a connection with them and Staybet, so these two are honored as well:

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