Casinomeister 2018 Awards

“The Ted Loh Humanitarian Award”

In 2010, we lost a true friend. Ted Loh was not only my webmaster buddy, he was a pioneer in the online gaming industry. He was also a person who always made himself available to lend a hand – to anyone. You needed help? Just ask Ted.

Ted was instrumental with assisting us to raise $111,000 via Casinomeister for the Casinomeister/Got2Bet 2005 Tsunami relief fund. He lived in Bangkok and was deeply involved assisting those affected – reuniting or identify the bodies of their loved ones via his Thailand themed websites. I think it’s only befitting to venerate his memory and efforts by honoring those who are determined to do the same sort of thing.

This year’s Ted Loh Humanitarian Award goes to Christine Marrah (aka Bonustreak) and for her work with Team Rubicon.

She has worked for a number of years with Team Rubicon, a disaster response group which is mostly comprised of veterans and first responders.  As an active volunteer, she’s in a leadership position for the organization’s Region VII.  She has deployed a number of times to various disasters in the US and has worked both in management positions as well as in the field performing muck-out and chain saw teams.

Good going Christine! You make an awesome example that others would be challenged to follow.

Ted Loh Humanitarian Award 2017