stupid as a bag of hammers

“It’s as stupid as a Bag of Hammers…”

What could be as stupid as a bag of hammers? Well the idiot webmasters who are promoting the casinos that are ending up in our rogue pit for using pirated software and taking bets from admitted problem gamblers (et al Bronze Casino, Cozyno Casino ad naseum), that’s who. If a casino is willing to rip off its players with fake games and entice problem gamblers with awesome bonuses, how do you think they will treat you? These casino’s business ethics are about as low as whale poop – promote them and you’ve joined the poop party.

And if you want to see who these boneheads are, just Google search the names of these crap casinos like Smashing Casino, Bronze Casino, Napoli Casino, any of the Affpower Casinos. There you will be entertained with the results of boneheaded affiliate webmaster websites who are as stupid as a bag of hammers

Bag of Hammers Historical Awards

Bag of Hammers Award 2017 – Play n’ Go/Eyecon