Most Annoying Forum Member of 2017

Casinomeister 2017 Awards

“Like a gift that keeps on giving – annoying members”

Each year we deal with several thousand members, most of whom are rational balanced people who are courteous and well adjusted to their social environment. That said, there are those who are flat out annoying, and at times just plain offensive. Sometimes they are able coherent – but it’s when they become belligerent and annoying do the moderators step in.

The Most Annoying Forum Member award is reserved for these members – those who are just plain annoying.

Jaminkens ​ had a real beef with Bitstarz. He claimed that they owed him 4 bitcoins (this was before they were really worth anything. He initiated a thread in our complaints section here: Bitstarz denied and stole 4 btc from me to which the casino rep responded right away (I guess he was ready for this) and explained that the player had more than one account. It went downhill from there.

“You really going to justify stealing my money with those lies,” was the first thing the guy posted. Nice way to respond to a rep who was offering his side of the story.

Members began chiming in, telling him how he could handle this by submitting a PAB. That pretty much went on deaf ears – this guy had not read any posting policies which were placed all over the complaints section. But no problem, he was a newbie.

But as a newbie, he was self-absorbed – and obnoxious. The rules for submitting a PAB is that you agree to not talk about in the public fora – and let us handle it. He kept hammering on – and members were telling him to please just “shut up”. For whatever reason he wouldn’t stop.

Even after I took the time out to personally warn him that I was getting ready to cancel his PAB, he kept going on. It was like explaining something to a tree squirrel. It’s not going to make any difference.

So he was banned for violating our forum rules on posting complaints. We take this quite seriously. There are many players out there who attempt to defraud or blackmail casinos with public complaints in our forum, and we won’t tolerate this. This is why we have a hardnosed stand concerning posting complaints.

Immediately this guy started signing up with different email addresses and usernames using VPNs etc., so right then and there we knew what he was doing when it came to opening multiple accounts. Within a couple of weeks, he had opened no less than six accounts in the forum all with different email addresses.

The kicker is, we were willing to help the guy: he had a position – and so did the casino. But his behavior sent everything into a fiery crash and burn. And just when I was changing my mind on helping the guy, he sent me some fan mail: Casinomeister Fan Mail 2017.

So yeah, a well deserving most annoying member of the year award to Jaminkens. Way to go.


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