This year was marked by two losses that reminds us how precious life is, and how close our community can be. Too young to go…

Donna Polen aka Gaputernut was a very active member in the early days of Casinomeister. She was funny, vibrant, and was an pioneer of webmastering back in the days of the early 2000s when the playing field of this industry was much different than it is today.

Donna Polen
Donna Polen

Back then it was mostly mom and pop casinos, weekend warriors, and for webmasters who had ideas. There was always something to venture into or to write about.

One of the most memorable threads of Donna’s was “Help a Teen go to UK and Ireland” where she posted in January 2006

My daughter (15 yrs old) has been accepted to go to UK and Ireland next summer for a People to People ambassador program, (for more info go to

She was nominated by her teachers, and was accepted after an interview process and references from other teachers, she had to prove she would be a good ambassador. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, but the Tuition and costs are high, so we have put together a website to help raise money.
If you have a business and would like to have a link on another site, we are selling link space. Each block (75×50) is $5.00, for each block you buy we will post your banner. For example: if you would like a 150×150 banner posted, donate $30.00 and we will put your banner and link on the site. We also have an updates page where we will put a link to your site in the update.

We have already gotten a donation, so you can see an example at

If you do not have a website but still want to donate, please do…we will post your name.

Once you have made the donation please forward us the email you receive from paypal (or a confirmation number) and your banner and link and we will have it posted within 2 days.

We have to fill all the squares to meet the tuition, we have all the details and updates on the web site.

Ingenious – this one of the first times that someone figured that, via our community, some kid could go to Ireland. We did it. We raised the money and the girl went.

Sad to see you go Donna – our condolences to her family and friends. We miss you.

Tony Sugamosto AKA belgamo

Tony was a very popular webmaster and was a fixture at our annual Dive Crawls in Vegas every year. Like Donna, Tony was an American affiliate from the early days of online gaming when it was a wild west of rogues and crazy times. There were always forum meltdowns and cliques to be avoided. Flame wars (not on Casinomeister, mind you