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“your just a pussy ass bitch”

award_beerEvery year I get tons of emails from people from all over the globe – a majority of it is just fine mundane every day stuff, some of is spammy, but sometimes it’s not really so great. And then there is the fan mail, people who want to throw their best complements my way.

Here is one from Jaminkens after he was banned for violating our rules on posting complaints in our forum. I was just having an afterthought on possibly helping the guy out when I received this:

You know I signed up with your site because I got robbed by bitstarz and wanted justice and to for someone if anyone could help. But from what I understand of it now it is far from what it says it is . It seems to be a bunch of people working for casinos and then you go and silence the person with the complaint then in the forum s you guys try to change the subject and make things up. Why would you really ban a member if you all ready shitcanned the pab
let me then just defend myself. The reason you don’t is cuz your a fraud your whole site is. But people can see through that. That’s why you will ultimatly just be a failure. Sure u might make a lil money from these people but if your site really was what it pretended to be it would blow up. But when u ban someone just for putting it out there that shows u something. U might of meant all what you put on your site twenty years ago but no your no worse than those fraud casinos. Ban me for life I don’t care your just a pussy ass bitch for because you won’t post the truth and you can’t even debate with someone on your forum because you will look like a fucking retarded fraud that is full of shit and everyone will u just paid bitch on the casinos payroll fuck your life and eat a dick

And this:

Just wanted to let u know that your a straight sell out fake fraud pussy ass bitch. Retire or die or something so someone that is genuine can take over and not be such a pussy that gets paid by these casinos that steal from people

Well so much on wanting to help that guy out.

But what would you expect from The Most Annoying Member of 2017

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