Worst Casino Manager of 2016

“Put down the bong and get to work.”

From the desk of Max Drayman:

BetSocial/TotalESoft – unresponsive, players unpaid

award_beerA PAB case came to us late last year where a player had pending withdrawals from the casino that had gone unpaid for some time. I tried to contact the casino, they “player’s issue is with the provider” and bumped it on to TotalESoft who said they’d look into it:

…This looks like something from 2014. I will need to check into archives in order to find out what the issue is here.

But there was no further reply. Several further attempts to get a response, nothing happens, the months roll by. I decided to poke around a little and learned that BetSocial seems to be making a habit of this pending-but-never-paid withdrawals thing, often with reference to it being a TotalESoft issue.

So the casino management is basically not paying players, not giving justification and when a complaint is raised they say “talk to the provider”. That’s a complete failure of casino management since every player knows that the chances of the provider ever properly discussing their issue with them is roughly equal to a snowball’s chance in hell.

Whatever the case and whoever is to blame the bottom line is that player issues are being ignored and monies are effectively being confiscated. That said:

WARNING: BetSocial and/or TotalESoft are withholding player payments and thereby confiscating monies that were owed to players. Players are advised to look elsewhere for their gambling services.

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