Worst Casino of 2016: Euromoon

“Two Crapholes that Keep on Ticking!”

award_boarThis year had its share of true rogue activity – and I thought in the past eighteen years of reporting on scam operations that I had already seen the worst. Oh so wrong was I. This year we had a craphole otherwise known as Euromoon Casino rear its fugly head with pirated software from NetEnt, (you can read the full report here screenshots and all).

When the casino was called out to explain why it was using pirated versions of NetEnt software, they clammed up. Players (to include the secret shopper me) asked their live support about whether or not the games were legit. Live chat replied that there were affiliates out there trying to give them a bad name.

When I asked their affiliate managers at AffPower what was going on, I got “speak to the hand” action. I was even unfriended by them at Facebook. Oh, poor me. 🙁

They are licensed in the banana republic of Curaçao, which pretty much means no license at all. This “licensing” entity is about as useless as an ejector seat on a helicopter. The casino continued to use this software until NetEnt took action, and then they switched to the real games.

That may be fine and dandy for the software provider – but not for players.

The casino should have immediately issued a statement admitting wrongdoing, and the licensing jurisdiction should have enforced proper compliance by ensuring that all players who played these games were refunded their losses. Anything less is fraud – but what did you expect to happen?

The mere existance of Euromoon casino illustrates what is wrong with the online gaming industry – and allowing its owners to get away with this is astounding.

But then, what would you have expected to happen? This is an unregulated casino doing whatever it pleases to do.

Worst Casino of 2016 Runner up

Pamper Casino is another crap hole that basically did the same thing as Euromoon Casino. This is documented in the following: Pamper Casino Review.

One of the main differences between these two clipshot joints is the awesome name of this one: Pamper (Euromoon is just plain stupid). This casino distinguished itself as the Worst Named Casino of 2008 – and since then, they have been doing a bang up job of being a badly run casino. Using ripped off software and getting caught doing so just nails this casino to the wall.

The most astonishing thing is that players keep playing there. So I guess congratulations are in order for their resilience. Good going Pamper!!

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