The Most Awesome Screenshot of 2016

Each year, there are literally several thousand screenshots uploaded by our members in our forum. Some great – some not so great – and sometimes mind boggling – like this one.

Here is an example of a mind boggling hit at Dead or Alive.

brianmon uploaded a screenshot of the ever-so-popular Dead or Alive – an amazing €1844.14 win from a mere 18 cent bet! And it was from a €30 deposit that was nearly depleted at that time. .

Here is a comment from the player concerning his win:

“13 wilds, 3 wildlines and 10,184 x stake from a €30 deposit and with €1.13 left of my balance.

Sorry, in all the excitement, I neglected to mention that it was at Casino Heroes

Dead or Alive winner screenshot 2016

Great going Brianmon!! I hope you didn’t play your winnings back!


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