“Like a gift that keeps on giving – annoying members”

Each year we deal with several thousand members, most of whom are rational balanced people who are courteous and well adjusted to their social environment. That said, there are those who are flat out annoying, and at times just plain offensive. Sometimes they are able coherent – but it’s when they become belligerent and annoying do the moderators step in.

The Most Annoying Forum Member award is reserved for these members – those who are just plain annoying.

Roulettedonkey was one of these. Most of his posts were grating and troll-like – railing about “rigged” casinos. If you believe they are rigged, then stop playing.

He had an issue about getting along with others. Getting along with others is how one survives in a community. If you can’t get along – in other words – have the skill to be convincing in one’s arguments, or learn how to properly to give and take – one might find oneself ostracized or banished into the woods. This is what happens in communities offline and online.

And this is what happened to Roulettedonkey.

I was in the midst of welcoming Casino Rewards into the Accredited Section – which was a feat in itself, and this guy hijacked the thread because he was upset about spam.
He accused the casino of sending him spam emails to his account after he had these returned saying he was dead. Well for one, it was an affiliate webmaster who was sending him these emails – not the casino, and another thing is that this guy really wasn’t dead.

But the thing is, Roulettedonkey behaved like this casino sent him an anthrax powered envelope bomb in the mail. He called the casino employees f*&^ers and posted a grotesque characature of a Third Reich jew. What. The. F*&^?

So his account was swiftly bootified, and he will never be allowed to reopen another account in our forum.

It just bogles my mind when I think about these sorts of people, and wonder how they get along with life. What makes them think stuff like this is funny – and what sort of mental illness some of my members have. It’s sad really – and extremely annoying.

You can read the full posting here: Casino Rewards Spams Dead People


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