Forum Highlights of 2016

“The Best Forum on the Face of the Earth”

I am one lucky son of a gun. Casinomeister’s Forum is one of the most perceptive, inspiring, innovative, helpful and compelling forums in the online gaming industry – and probably beyond that as well.

Why? It is because of the diversity and dedication of its members – that is true. And I am wholeheartedly grateful to all my members – even the ones I don’t like much. 🙂 You guys and gals really are great not only to me – but to each other. I feel proud to know that many of my members have made actual non-cyber friendships via Casinomeister. I know I have.

So here’s a cyber “cheers” to our community. Regular members and the moderators – this bud’s for you!

Forum Highlights of 2016

award_beerIn Casinomeister’s 18 year history, 2016 did not disappoint. We had our share of spam attacks, bootifications, wondrous intelligent allocutions, dramatic meltdowns, bitches and moans, legitimate complaints, jovial jocularities, intriguing insights and a mélange of other topics.

Here are just a sprinkling of some of 2016’s highlights:

Meister Minions are becoming an extremely important part of Casinomeister. These are the volunteers who collect information about the Casinos listed at Casinomeister – not only the Accredited ones – but all. So far, over 1500 withdrawal processing times posted in the Meister Minions forum.

As this year begins (2017), the Meister Minions will be finding themselves with a lot more stuff to do. If you haven’t considered joining, now is the time to do so. We’ve been giving away awesome prizes – this last year one minion won a TRIP TO THE OKTOBERFEST in Munich. So how ’bout dem apples.

Renaming the PAB section contest! Win $$$!! Yep – Casinomeister had to clean up its language since we are now certified arbitrators internationally. It’s no longer Pitch a Bitch – it’s now Player ArBitration thanks to MAW3Y and the rep from Refilliates Casinos who won the contest.

Players’ Rights and the use of unfair T&Cs by gambling operators This is a most read for all players – some awesome facts here about players’ rights and how many casinos overlook these facts. As time creeps by, the playing field for casinos and their players is becoming more even.

Casinomeister Wish List – What Do You Want From CM? – this is a thread that I have taken to heart. I check it out often and many of the things that you want will be included in the pending relaunch of the site.

Video Slots – Newly Accredited Started in 2014 but still going strong — 360 pages and counting! — and has become one of the most popular threads of all time in the Online Casinos section. The VS guys are champs when it comes to engaging with the players to get problems resolved.

Updating the rating system – need your input – This is another thread that I have been paying close attention to. Many of these aspects we will be incorporating into the site.

Affpower Casinos – ripped off NetEnt Games Here is where it’s documented on how these guys pirated games from Netent and elsewhere – and they are still in business?

last night on dead or alive This may have been started in July 2015 – but it is still ticking away with many updates and screenshots!

Bonanza by Big Time Gaming Launch of Bonanza slot, has seen forum posters compare results, discuss strategy and suggest the various merits of the new Big Time Gaming slot. That is pretty awesome.

What type of variance do you prefer? You know that the people who count are watching that thread (actually just about every thread in the Slots forum has the attention of software developers).

Slot Of The Year 2016 Your Vote! – awesome job Dunover – thanks!

Craploads of complaints – but most of which were either resolved or ended up being processed and placed in our Casino Warning section.

Swedes! We launched the Swedish Corner that hardly anyone uses. We need more Swedes! 🙂

Webmaster Corner
We saw a spike in affiliates signing up in the forum (and a number of players becoming affiliates). Some good threads in the Affiliate Issues section. To include a number of affiliates programs enforcing retroactive terms and conditions on their “partners”.

The Attic

The Casinomeister Bar and Grill – a place to chill out, kick off your shoes, grab a beer and chat. Thanks guys for setting this up, drinks are on the house!

This was only the tip of the iceberg called Casinomeister. There are loads of threads I wasn’t able to review before getting these awards out.

And if you are not a member, why not? You are missing out on a lot of interaction with some very cool people – and a few lunatics as well. You can register here.

I am grateful for such a fantastic community. Thank you everyone. Peace brothers and sisters.


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