Biggest Disappointment of 2016

“Banana Republic Licenses – White Label Doldrums”

award_boarWell besides the US election and the so called Brexit, Curaçao eGaming is the proud recipient of this hallowed accolade. The lack of due diligence and proper responsiveness of a licensor is not only a massive disappointment, but an absolute failure of this industry’s player protection.

Without players, there would be no online casino industry – that’s always been my mantra. And there are scores of individuals in this industry who are lackadaisical – and treat players with contempt. There always has been. It was on “Curaçao eGaming’s” watch that no less than two Affpower casinos hosted fake NetEnt games; this licensing entity did absolutely nothing about it.

In any normal situation, the casino would have been subjected to a proper audit by the licensor, and those players that had unknowingly played these pirated games would have had their deposits refunded. There are precedents for this (Kahnawake and the Absolute and UltimateBet Poker scandals for instance), and it would have been a massively positive and “trust enriching” moment for players if the persons behind this licensing entity would have only put down the bong for a few minutes and took charge of this situation. But they did nothing. Not a peep, not a word, nothing.

It just underscored another reason why there should be no licensing allowed in banana republics. What good are these licenses if players are tossed to the wind when a casino goes rogue? You’d think by now, 2016, that this industry had evolved a bit and learned from its mistakes. But again, it really just illustrates the ineptitude and corruption that still makes this industry stink like hell.

More about this here: Curaçao eGaming/Cyberluck/License 1668/JAZ

Biggest Disappointment of 2016 II

Last year’s Biggest Disappointment II was the White Label Runners – this year it’s just the flood of White Labels (before they’re running LOL). This wave of European facing white labels that are not offering players too much but the same ol’ damn thing.

Attack of the clones!

In 2016, we saw a rise of new casinos, most of them having a plethora of games, same layout, some cool graphics, but not much imagination. The most disappointing thing is that these operations seem to be on a shoestring budget. Some of these casinos will only pay out €4-5K per month, which is an absolute joke. If these casinos are willing to take on players who make large deposits, and bet more than €1 spin, then pay them appropriately.

Respect the fact that most players do not read the withdrawal limits section of the terms and conditions.

Players deserve innovation and awesomeness – creating player-mills is a lackluster disappointing development of this industry. Put your thinking caps on and get busy, or perhaps stick to being an affiliate.

If you want to be treated like a casino, you need to act like one.

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