Best Affiliate Program of 2016: TTRpartners

bestaffprogram2016TTRpartners is the best affiliate program of 2016 – and if you’re an affiliate, you’d be a fool not to sign up and support these folks. Here’s why:

They are the marketing arm of one of the best casinos ever to have graced the online community: 32Red and its brethren. You can be assured that players will be treated with professionalism, respect, and fairness. Your players will always be taken care of – and if there is any issue whatsoever, the casino will always do the right thing. They have some of the best trained casino staff in existance – their casino manager has been with them since their inception 14 years ago. If they are hanging on to their employees this long, you know they are doing something right.

We rarely receive complaints about 32Red or its affiliated casinos – in the nine years, we’ve received nine submitted complaints via our PAB service. That’s on average one complaint a year – and we deal with hundreds of complaints per year. Each one of these complaints was handled swiftly and fairly. They do an awesome job keeping their players in a happy place. The only disgruntled comments you’ll see in the forum is that their payments are slow. But even so, they retain their players. I’ve been playing there since 2003, and it’s one of the few downloadable Microgaming casinos that I’ll play at. So I have to wait a couple of days to get paid. So what? At least I know I’ll get paid, and you can be sure that your players will feel the same way.

They are probably one of the best run downloadable Microgaming casinos – this means that they have the best line up of video poker online. Sure many players love their slots – but MGS delivers not only award winning state of the art slots, their video poker kicks ass.

They are as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. Publicly traded and they have a rather high profile. Their casinos have won numerous awards not only here but elsewhere. They are properly licensed in the UK, Italy, and throughout most of the civilized world. Sorry US – you’re not included. They are the official shirt sponsor of Leeds United.

They use NetRefer for their affiliate backend. Mark Quayle, their affiliate manager, is one of the most active and helpful casino reps in our forum. If and when you need any assistance, he’s there. Payments are a cinch. They are sent during the first week of the month. And when payments are made, you receive an email notification which usually hits your inbox after the payment hits your bank. Since the casino uses their own payment processer, payments wires are easily identifiable.

In essence, this is the perfect group of casinos to promote. And it’a a no-brainer that these guys are the ones you should be dealing with as an affiliate.

Congrats all around for the folks at 32Red.

Their brands:
Dash Casino
Golden Lounge
Casino Splendido
Roxy Palace

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