Worst Customer Service Award 2015

“Ethically and cognitively challenged.”

And the winner is…paradisewin.com.

From Max Drayman – Pitch a Bitch manager:

“In February 2015, a player brought a complaint to us concerning the confiscation of €11000. The casino claimed the player had “played more than one game” (simultaneously) which indeed its Terms prohibited. Fair enough, should be a simple case of Terms violation except the casino went on to blather on about how too many games “affect RNG” and the rules are somehow necessary to “leave more chances to win all other players”. Total rubbish unless their software is just plain broken and dysfunctional.

In reading the site’s Terms it turned out they were a total mess: UK players, for example, were banned from the casino in one clause but were specifically permitted to play certain games in another. Sections of the Terms said things like “per Section x.y.z” where x.y.z simply referred back to the previous clause. And the Terms regarding player activity allowed them to classify pretty much anything as “criminal activity” and an “unfair advantage” which were, of course, reasons for confiscation, etc. Given this situation I decided it worth proceeding with the PAB simply to hear from the casino to see if they were as terminally confused as they appeared to be.

Well, long story short, not a peep. No response, reply or even acknowledgement of the player’s complaint.

So pass the crack pipe and negate some more winnings. Paradise Win (another idiotic name) is not only ethically challenged, but cognitively challenged.

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