The Most Awesome Screenshot of 2015

Each year, there are several thousand screenshots uploaded by players in our forum. Some are pretty good, many are great, and there are a few that are just mind-blowing.

Here is an example of a mind-blowout.

Citizenx uploaded a screenshot of the ever-so-popular Dead or Alive – a staggering £762.30 win from a mere 9 pence! What can you buy with £.09? Just about nothing. What can you buy with £762.30? A whole hell of a lot! That is a 8470x win from nearly nothing.

Here is a comment from the player concerning his win:

“It was at Videoslots and was an early morning session. I don’t normally play them, but I had the time. If memory serves me well, it was a £20 deposit and the game felt hot, lots of 100x / 200x wins.
Bang on 0800, I got a feature and the wilds started dropping in quickly.
Cashed out straight away and money was in my account before I had time to get ready and go shopping with the proceeds.”

most awesome screenshot 2015 slot