Stupidest Casino Trick of 2015

This year the tricks that some casino operators were implementing were faking certifications from certain governing or certifying entities. Take the case of Charles from Turns out that some ex-clients of his were still flouting his certification of game fairness.

As he posted here in our forum:

“A former client, whom CFG no longer certifies, continues to make unlicensed and fraudulent use of the CFG logo, as if to imply that they still have their games and products certified by the CFG operation. They do not.

A quick rundown on the history
* Repeated late payment of invoices
* Data last submitted for analysis was for play to end of August, 2015
* Last payment made for analysis to end of June, 2015
* Repeated requests to bring data and payments up to date ignored.
* Ultimatum date of 2015 December 21 for restoring normal operations ignored.
* A 14 day period from that date was allowed for removal of certification; that period has elapsed and the certificates remain up

As such, services were severed on 2015 December 21, with a last certification date effective of end of August, 2015, for the following casinos:

Furthermore, a 6th URL ( was certified, but that URL now redirects to a different casino chain

Based on payment history, complete radio silence, and willingness to fraudulently claim CFG accreditation, I would be extremely circumspect with any dealings with these casinos.

My web designer is furiously working on a new section of CFG that will list casinos that are “actively rogue” with
claiming CFG accreditation. For now, if you see the CFG seal and wonder if it’s legit? Go check out:

More Tricks

There is also a thread in our forum that identifies casinos that are ripping off software from NetEnt, Novomatic (Greentube), and Playtech. It’s unbelievable what some people will do for mooney.

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