Head in the Sand Award 2015

This year’s Head in the Sand Award goes to the “Bonus Beaters”, the “Bonus Whores”, the players who can only play with a bonus – no exceptions – and expect to be ahead in the end. These are the players who are insistent that bonuses are obligatory to win against the casino. Hello! Wake up! Bonuses will cause you to lose your bankroll – you may play longer, but you’re going to lose.

Touted by the casino as a way to give you more play-time, bonuses will lock you into playing styles that are designed to ensure that the casino will not lose. Don’t forget, casino games are designed to have a house edge – why do you think it will be any different with a bonus? If you come out ahead with bonus play, consider yourself lucky since that was not supposed to happen. You were destined to lose your money as soon as you agreed to play by the bonus terms.

Bonuses can be addictive. There are scores of players who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are necessary in order to win somehow – they aren’t. And those players who have been suckered in by others, to include some affiliates, to only play bonuses no matter what, you will only come out as a loser in the end. Don’t believe me? Read about the scourge of casino bonuses here, and Simmo!s piece The Funeral Of The Casino Signup Bonus.

If you are a bonus addict, try playing without. Focus on the games and you will probably have a more enjoyable player experience instead of being locked into some draconian play-through requirements. Pull your head out of the sand, and quit trying to constantly get something for free.

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