Fan Mail of 2015

Every year I get crap loads of emails from people from all walks of life – most of it is just fine, some of is spammy, but sometimes it’s not so good. I can’t complain too much since this year really wasn’t too bad. The fan mail from previous years could melt your eyeballs.

Anyway, this is just an example of some of the morons I deal with:

A guy gets banned for opening two accounts in our forum – blast2k was banned in our forum in 2014 for being a flaming troll (and a fraudster to boot). When he got caught opening another account (trolls just can’t stay away – don’t ya just love ’em?), we banned it right away. His response:

“you are a fucked butthole bryan, lie over lie you should ban your whole forum because ithinking many of many peoples have a wife wich is playing too casino totally idiotic rules you have

if you mean you can protect your forum, ou believe also on santa clause right

i will register in future again

thank you

[email protected]

Oh joy.
Another person had difficulty filling out the registration form for our forum, so he sent me this:

“I didnt even get to play in ur Casino before i was band .Talk about a shitty thing to do to someone who went to the hassel of filling out ur forms .I will let my freinds and family know about yall and they will let their peirs no how yall are to have a great day from almost a member but maybe yall done me a faverite”

And during the holiday season in 2015, I sent out a cheery PM from our forum, and the Grinch must be a member:

“go fuck ur self”

Oh, Merry Christmas to you too, buddy.
When people sign up at our forum, they fill out the registration form so we can tell they are real people. Here is one that looks like a troll. What do you think?

There is a new user, RICKYJAMO at Casinomeister’s Online Casino and Poker Forum
To view their profile, go here:

Email Address : [email protected]
Birthday : October 10, 1909
Referrer: N/A
IP Address:

About you: soft cunt who gambles on line. so fucking being ripped off by these ‘regulated casinos!’ Robbing greedy bastards dont even attempt to try and rob you with a bit of ‘magic’, they are blatant short sighted
contemptuous scum.
Location: Liverpool.
Sex: Male
How did you find Casinomeister?: google
Native Language: swearing in saxon mainly
Language skills: kleine bissen Deutch
Occupation: self employed LED Lighting Company
Interests: lose money to government sponsored crooks, apparently the elected few represent the public’s best interests.
Facebook user ID: fuck off
Best Casino IMHO: none- all of them influence the random outcome
Worst Casino: all of em. Their greed and their failure to even bother to entertain
Favorite Films: porn
What’s the latest book you have read?: Conspiracy lover. Eyes r open. wikileaker Edward Snowden for example .

Filed in the trash bin – I could see where this was leading. No need for potty mouthed douchbags in the forum.

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