Fall from Grace Award 2015

Skybet just decided to throw in the towel and call it quits. Sure they may be a decent casino to play at – big name and all – but their affiliate program, Affiliatehub, screwed over their affiliates by enforcing predatory retroactive terms. They never bothered to discuss the pending change of their terms and conditions – there are many seasoned affiliates that can give quality consultations for these sort of drastic moves. Affiliatehub said the hell with it, and goosestepped over their “partners” implying that “it’s this way or the highway”.

Lest we forget, if a casino is willing to screw over its partners, what do you think it’s willing to do to its players – who aren’t “partners”?

“Speak to the hand” was the response most everyone got. Since they were breaching the Casinomeister Accredited Casino Standards – specifically “Must not implement retroactive terms and conditions to their affiliate programs without explicit permission and agreement from the affiliate,” they were bootified.

The last I heard was that they stopped accepting webwallets – another brilliant move – NOT.

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