Evil Player Award of 2015

When people think about the evils of online gambling, the first thing that normally comes to mind is “Oh – those evil casinos – always ripping people off.” Actually, this is a fallacy – a distortion of what is really happening. The fraudsters outnumber the bad casinos by a high margin. And it seems that Casinomeister is the focal point of fraudsters – douchebags who exploit our forum, thinking that they can blackmail casinos into caving to pay. Or they abuse our Pitch a Bitch service thinking we will find out and disclose how they got caught.

Most fraudsters are nitwits who make simple stupid mistakes like forgetting to_____________ when they ___________ or include ______________ in their __________ when they ________________. Are you beginning to get it?

2015 was no different than the past years – feel free to read the previous reports – and this year’s award goes to our one and only potty mouth twit who was (or still is) a multi-account fraudster who tried to sneak under the radar several times in the forum. This is a player who has submitted at least two fraudulent PABs in 2010, and 2013, and was busted in these PABs by using different personas and other people’s credit cards. He also has worked as an affiliate.

He has used the handles msblast, darkmdc, blast2k, twe2kk in the forum – it’s the same person trying to pretend he is someone else. And when he gets caught out, he sends pleasantries like the following:

“you are a fucked butthole bryan, lie over lie you should ban your whole forum because ithinking many of many peoples have a wife wich is playing too casino totally idiotic rules you have
if you mean you can protect your forum, ou believe also on santa clause right
i will register in future again

thank you”

If only these people would spend this much energy helping out underprivileged people in their community, or do some sort of helpful volunteer work, this world would be a much better place. Instead they chose to screw with me and become evil players.

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