Canadian Paypal Casinos

If you’re in Canada and want to find the best PayPal casinos, then you’re in the right place. Check out our recommended PayPal casinos below, and if you see an online casino you like the look of, just hit the ‘Play Now’ button to begin playing!

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Betsafe Casino
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All British Casino
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Casino Euro
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PayPal Casinos: An Introduction

PayPal is one of the most well-known brands in the digital money deposit services industry worldwide, and it’s popular among online casino players.

PayPal is a free service that allows you to pay for things online from different sellers. Many of the biggest gaming sites have adopted it as a preferred deposit option in recent years. PayPal is only available as a deposit option at online casinos in countries other than the United States, Canada, and Australia.

PayPal functions as a separate checking account that you can use at internet merchants. A user will fund their PayPal account through a bank transfer, debit card, or credit card and can spend these funds playing online casinos.

PayPal customers may also add a credit card to their account so that when they use it to deposit at online casinos, PayPal can make automated withdrawals. Online payments guarantee that confidential credit or debit card data is only shared with one site.

You have the option of using your regular PayPal account for all online gaming transactions, or, if you prefer, you may create a whole new account with a different credit card just for casino gaming.

How To Create a PayPal Account

First off, you need to create a PayPal account. To do so, head to or Google ‘PayPal’, and you’ll find yourself at the main website in a matter of seconds.

On the site, click the ‘create account’ button, and you’ll be guided through a few short questions that help to create your PayPal account; once done, confirm your email address, and you’ll be all set!

Now, there’s a couple of things to bear in mind before you start using your PayPal account. While you can start using it right away, to enhance your experience with the payment system, you should carry out a couple of extra steps to allow for better facility and more flexibility:

  • Verify your ID: this can be done in several ways (and it’s highly advisable to help increase your limits on how much you can send/receive). The most common way is to upload a screenshot, scan, or photo of your ID. This can be either a passport or a driver’s license.
  • Verify your bank account and debit card: like the verification step above, by verifying your Bank Account and Debit Card, you’ll not only unlock higher limits in terms of the amount of money you can receive/send, but you’ll also be able to add funding sources. This allows you to spend money directly from your cards/bank accounts through your PayPal account. To do this, log into your PayPal account, click the settings cog on the top, left-hand side of the page, and then click ‘My Money’, where you’ll find a step-by-step guide on what to do next.

Okay, so now you’ve verified your account, you’ll be able to fund your online casino account and begin withdrawing funds right away through PayPal!

How To Deposit Using PayPal

Before you play at PayPal casinos, you need to ensure that your PayPal account is ready to be used at online casinos. We’re going to walk you through the various steps to successfully make a deposit at PayPal casinos using your PayPal account.

Step #1: Set up and register your PayPal account and add funds

The first thing that you need to do is make sure your PayPal account is up and running and that the account has sufficient funds. Make sure you’ve topped up your PayPal account (ideally using a bank transfer) or, if unavailable, connect one of your debit and credit cards to your PayPal account.

Step #2: Head to the cashier

Once your account is topped up, you’re ready to head to any PayPal casino where you want to make a deposit. First things first, you’ll want to head to the cashier; select the payment method you wish to use (PayPal) and make sure it’s selected.

Step #3: Choose the amount

Once you’ve selected PayPal as your chosen deposit method, then you’ll then be prompted to enter the amount of money that you’d like to deposit. Make sure you meet the minimum deposit limit; with PayPal deposits, it’s common for the minimum deposit to be set at around $20.

Step #4: Wait!

Once you’ve confirmed your transaction, it’s time to wait! Thankfully, most PayPal online casinos process your deposits almost immediately, which means you can begin playing with the funds in a matter of minutes. Still, some PayPal casinos will run a few additional checks, so it may take up to an hour for the funds to appear in your account.

Step #5: Play your favourite casino games!

Once the funds are in your account, it’s time to begin playing! Just open up the casino games you’d like to play and start playing — that’s all there is to it!

How To Withdraw Using Paypal

Both deposits and withdrawals are incredibly straightforward at PayPal casinos. Below, we’ll look at the steps required to make a withdrawal from a PayPal casino.

Step #1: Make sure you’re able to withdraw and head to the cashier

Before you make a withdrawal at PayPal casinos, make sure that you’re eligible to actually make a withdrawal. For example, if you claimed a welcome bonus or any deposit bonus, be sure you’ve cleared any wagering requirements. You may also be required to upload verification documents — know your customer (KYC) documents — before you’re able to make a withdrawal, although this differs from casino to casino.

Step #2: Select your withdrawal amount

Once you’re at the cashier, you’ll then want to select PayPal as your chosen withdrawal method. Once you’ve done so, select the amount of money you want to withdraw, confirm your PayPal email address and confirm the withdrawal. It will then be sent to the casino for processing.

Step #3: Jot down any processing times

When you’re making your withdrawal take a note of the casino’s processing time. While many PayPal casinos can now offer near-instant withdrawals, some can take up to 48 hours to approve withdrawal requests. It’s always a good idea to have a rough idea of the time frame here.

Step #4: Enjoy your winnings!

Once the PayPal casino has approved your withdrawal request, the funds will be available in your account right away! You’re then able to either hold the money in your PayPal account, or if you prefer, you can withdraw the money back to your bank account.

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Best Alternatives to PayPal For Canadian Players

While the number of casinos that accept PayPal is growing, unfortunately, it’s still not as common as we’d like. The number of PayPal online casino sites continues to be dwarfed by those focusing on other payment methods.

Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of other payment methods you can take advantage of. Based on our forum users, we compiled a list of the top alternatives to PayPal casino sites available to players from Canada.


When it comes to payment processing, Interac is a household brand in Canada. Indeed, it has long been recognised as the nation’s official debit payment processing system, having over 30 years of existence under this brand name and even longer before that.

Online casino players can use their current bank or credit union accounts to deposit and withdraw payments using Interac payment processing technology. To get started, all you have to do is create an account with one of the 250 participating banks, which shouldn’t be too tricky since RBC, BMO, and Scotiabank are among them.

Once you have an account with one of the collaborating banks or credit unions, all you have to do is register for an account with one of the Canadian online casinos that accept this payment option.

When it’s time to transfer money into your user account, select Interac e-Transfer from the drop-down menu and connect to your current online banking account. Choose the same e-Transfer option here, enter the amount you want to transfer, and you’ll get a security question through text, email, or an alternative contact method you specified after confirmation. If you successfully answer the question, your identification will be verified, and the cash will be sent to your casino site account immediately.

With withdrawals, the only difference is that players must identify the set of security questions and the bank account to send the money to. The casino takes steps to verify that the response matches the information supplied for the online banking account. After this is confirmed, the operator approves the transfer, which takes around 4-6 business days to execute.

Security is unquestionably a key advantage of this payment method, especially because it does not entail lengthy waits. Nonetheless, the cheap costs are appealing — ranging from $0.00 to $4.00, but usually just $0.50 to $1.50.


For a variety of reasons, Instadebit is the most widely used deposit method in Canada. For starters, it enables players to deposit cash and withdraw wins quickly, whilst other forms need the completion of paperwork or just take too long to get funds.

Instadebit is safe to use, and there are no hidden costs while making a deposit or withdrawal. If you have an account with one of these Canadian banks: TD, RBC, Scotiabank, BMO, and certain other credit unions, you can open an Instadebit account.

To begin, you must first create an Instadebit account. Throughout the registration process, you will be asked to input personal and financial personal details, address, and the last four numbers of your social security card.

Although some individuals are hesitant to disclose such personal information online, you can rest assured that your information will not be shared with anyone else. You’ll learn more about the safety of each payment option soon.

After that, you’ll need to enter information about the checking account you wish to link to Instadebit. You’ll need your account number, routing number, and branch number for this step.

You must wait while your identity is validated if you have previously registered an account. Your bank account will be debited a small amount, and you will fund the amount put into your Instadebit account. It’s worth noting that the transfer might take up to three business days. After that, you must go into your Instadebit account and confirm that it is yours.

After the verification is complete, you may begin financing your casino account with Instadebit. To do so, go to the cashier and choose Instadebit as your preferred deposit option before initiating a purchase.

The money you choose to deposit will be debited from your debit card balance immediately, allowing you to begin playing within minutes.


iDebit evolved from the earlier payment processing business known as InstaDebit, which primarily served Canadian clients. While they elected to keep their niche, the new iDebit company sought to reach a far larger audience. Residents of more than 20 countries, including Australia, Finland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, and, of course, Canada, may now make payments to their preferred online retailers.

When it comes to iDebit, it’s worth noting that they’re always trying to extend their e-commerce network. They reach a bigger audience and generate more traffic by creating a presence on a higher number of merchant websites.

Although it offers two choices — direct online bank transfers or an inbuilt e-wallet account transfer — it is mainly regarded as an e-wallet solution.

On the one hand, the service can function as a go-between for your selected bank account (from one of the partnered financial institutions) and the bank account of the other party.

An e-wallet account is also available through iDebit. To get started, go to the official website and create an account. To fill your e-wallet, you’ll need to select a conventional banking account from one of the participating banks, so make sure you transfer enough cash to keep you going.

Online casino deposits are straightforward and only require a few minutes — just make sure you find an iDebit casino that suits your needs regarding game selection, bonuses, terms, and privacy. When making a deposit, pick this payment method and if you want to use a direct bank transfer or an e-wallet. In either case, you must log into your account, indicate the amount you wish to send, and confirm.

Withdrawals are also straightforward, taking no longer than the typical cashout time of a few minutes.

Both approaches offer advantages and disadvantages, with security being a top priority in both. Even so, using an e-wallet adds another layer of security between the business and your bank account. It also eliminates the small charge associated with direct banking payment processing, which makes it even better.


Another popular way for depositing money into online casinos is Paysafecard. It’s used mainly by poker players, but its growing popularity has prompted players interested in other casino games to explore it as an option. Paysafecard is a plastic prepaid card that may be used to make transactions both online and offline. 

Its primary benefit is that the consumer is not forced to provide sensitive financial and personal data. Paysafecard is available as an electronic voucher, depending on your area. It is not necessary to provide your bank account number; simply obtain a card with a denomination of $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100.

You must enter your login and password to make purchases and pay with Paysafecard. You may not need to input the 16-digit code you were given when you got the card. 

Your profile allows you to keep track of your banking history and gives you a good sense of how much money you’ve spent. The Paysafecard is reloadable, which means you can top it up. Regardless of how many times you reload it, the PIN stays the same.

It’s no different than making a regular transaction when you deposit money into your favourite online casino; choose Paysafe as your primary deposit option and fill in all the relevant details.

Citadel Instant Banking

Players familiar with their banks’ online banking platforms will have no trouble understanding how Citadel Instant Banking works. Citadel is a secure web-based payment processor that allows you to deposit funds into your casino account straight from your bank account. 

It provides virtual casino players with three distinct choices. The first is to use it in combination with your online banking account. You must have a bank account with a Citadel-affiliated bank to use this service.

Some relevant banking institutions may cooperate with Citadel. However, the payment processor’s web-based version is not supported, which brings us to the second alternative, the Payment Assistant. 

Payment Assistant is a simple-to-use software that you must download and install on your device before completing your first transaction. Payment Assistant is highly user-friendly, so all you have to do is follow its instructions to transfer money from your online banking account.

Finally, you have the option of using the Rapid System, which allows you to manually perform the transfer using your prefered online payment solution by providing a specific reference number. 

In the end, players’ payments are always made through their own online banking accounts, increasing security and making casino transactions anonymously.

This is one of the primary reasons why so many online casino players prefer to make payments through Citadel. This method’s ease is further enhanced by the fact that it does not require the creation of an account in order to use it. 

Citadel Instant Banking provides total anonymity to players because their personal information is never shared with the payment recipient. The payment service processor also does not save any of the financial or personal data you enter when beginning transactions — all information is secure since you only share it with your bank.


EcoPayz is an e-wallet that offers safe, rapid, and simple payment services to users and companies worldwide. PSI-Pay Ltd, a business established in the United Kingdom and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to produce digital money and provide payment services, owns the trademark.

EcoPayz was founded in 2000 and has since grown in popularity among users. This payment option is available in 45 currencies and allows you to send and receive money almost instantly to nearly anybody in the world, anytime you choose.

Regardless of why you want to transfer money, you can do it swiftly and simply without having to worry about security concerns.

Customers now have a plethora of payment options to choose from. Credit or debit cards, internet banking, prepaid vouchers, and various e-wallets are all options. 

Nonetheless, EcoPayz stands out from the crowd since it provides a high degree of security, efficiency, and ease of use. That is why it has attracted such a large number of clients. On the other hand, this explains why many casino operators have been using this payment method for a long time.

Where Can I Find Casinos That Accept PayPal?

If you’re looking for the top PayPal casinos, you might be wondering how to go about doing so. How can you tell which casinos are safe to play at and which should be avoided? How can you know if a casino follows through on its promises of fast payouts and 24/7 customer support?

Previously, it was a question of trial and error; you’d have to sign up for a PayPal casino and hope the site was legitimate. However, we understand that this is a daunting endeavour for most people, which is why we started reviewing the many PayPal casinos offered to Canadian players here at Casinomeister.

Our forum, the largest online gaming community on the internet, has tens of thousands of registered members who frequently share their casino experiences. This platform gives us a clear image of which PayPal casinos are operating legitimately and which aren’t.

To locate the finest online casino PayPal sites, all you have to do is go to the top of our page and go through the list of sites we suggest. You may also read our individual casino reviews to learn more about each one and what it has to offer.

Why Play at PayPal Casinos?

There are various reasons to pick online PayPal casinos, and it’s safe to say that one of the most important is the quick cashouts. For example, traditional payment options such as debit and credit cards generally require you to wait between 3 and 5 working days to get your reward. However, with PayPal, as soon as the casino processes your payment, the funds are immediately available in your PayPal account, which means you spend less time waiting for your money and more time enjoying your winnings!

Another significant advantage of utilizing PayPal is that it is free for consumers to use. While PayPal does charge costs, the operator automatically pays them, so you won’t have to worry about any fees. PayPal is also frequently used.

This payment method is allowed at online casinos in a number of countries, several online UK PayPal sites, and certain Canadian casinos. In the list below, we’ll look at some of the key reasons to consider using PayPal.

  • PayPal is extremely simple to use; no technical knowledge is required.
  • Payments are processed instantaneously; there is no need to wait for them to process.
  • PayPal has no fees and is completely free to use.
  • When a casino executes a PayPal withdrawal, the money is instantaneously available in your PayPal account. We’re talking about seconds here, not hours.

The History of PayPal

While PayPal is now recognised by millions of people worldwide — and PayPal casino sites are usually quite popular — there was a period when PayPal was not especially well-known. This payment method actually has a rather fascinating history, which we’ll look at now.

When it first launched in 1998, the company wasn’t even called PayPal; it was called Cornfinity! It was founded by two technology entrepreneurs, Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, who wanted to create a low-cost digital payment system that allowed anyone in the world to send and receive money to anyone else with PayPal instantly. 

PayPal saw enormous growth in its first two years of existence. Companies, online merchants, and everyday individuals were joining the site and using it to make online payments. Incredibly, the firm was already processing over $3 billion in payments anually from over 13 million distinct clients after only three years!

After two years, the firm rebranded itself as PayPal, and the site collaborated with eBay, becoming the site’s primary payment processor. PayPal quickly grew to over one million users and the business went public in 2002, trading on the PYPL-Nasdaq.

In 2002, eBay paid a staggering $1.5 billion for PayPal; four years later, the firm was still thriving, with over 100 million users from all around the world. That same year, PayPal launched PayPal Mobile, a mobile payment platform that allows you to make payments, manage your account, and more from your mobile device.

In subsequent years, PayPal has continued to expand, acquiring more businesses and becoming the world’s largest digital payments provider. They continue to control a sizable portion of the market, with few competitors even coming close to the service that they provide.


Is PayPal available at all online casinos?

No. There aren’t many PayPal casinos today due to PayPal’s stringent verification procedure and their well-known anti-online gambling position. This is a pity because the payment mechanism is ideal for online gaming. However, if PayPal isn’t available as a payment option, you’ll be able to use a variety of alternative options.

What is the best alternative to PayPal?

While this is a somewhat subjective topic (after all, each player has their personal preferences), other e-wallet-based payment options are typically the best alternatives to PayPal. Skrill and Neteller, for example, are good options. However, you should be aware that the costs for these other e-wallets might be higher. Use PayPal if it’s accessible.

Do I have to pay to use PayPal at an online casino?

No, when you make deposits and withdrawals at PayPal casinos, it’s the casino that pays the fees. You don’t have to worry about paying anything, and the only time you’ll end up paying a fee is if you choose to fund your PayPal account using debit and credit cards. Other than that, it’s completely fee-free, and you’ll never have to worry about incurring any hidden charges!

Where can I find PayPal online casinos?

If you’re looking for the best PayPal casinos, then you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this page is to bring to you legitimate, licensed, and reputable online casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method. If you see a site listed on this page, not only do they accept PayPal as a payment method, they also have passed our rigorous series of checks and tests here at Casinomeister, allowing you to play in peace!

How long do PayPal withdrawals take?

One of the most incredible benefits of playing at PayPal casinos is the fact that withdrawals, once processed, are made available in your PayPal account immediately. This means that as soon as the PayPal casino has processed and approved your withdrawal, the funds will be made available in your PayPal account for you to withdraw back to your bank account; the process takes no more than a few seconds!

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Canada. Today, there are more online casinos accepting players from Canada than ever before. Provided you’re playing at a site regulated by a major online gambling regulator; you won’t have to worry about playing at an unlicensed, clip-shot joint that’s not reputable.

Can I claim bonuses and promotions at a PayPal Casino?

Yes, contrary to what many players think, you are able to claim bonuses and promotions at casinos that accept PayPal. While this isn’t the case at all online casinos, some sites allow you to claim their deposit bonus and free spins bonuses with deposits made using PayPal. Just check out the casino’s terms and conditions beforehand, as this isn’t always seen across the board).