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The Reservation explained

There are many gray areas in the online casino industry - a casino may not be able to meet the standards of an Accredited Casino, but they aren't in anyway a Rogue Casino either. Some casinos are no longer Accredited - but in no case rogue; and there are casinos that were once rogue but are rogue no more. And then there are casinos who are just getting their act together - they aren't ready for the Baptism by Fire at Casinomeister, but perhaps they soon will be.

The casinos listed here are casinos I have reservations about; some players may find them fine 'n dandy, others may have bad experiences. This section allows me to state what my reservations are.

Ex-Accredited Casinos:

Ex-Accredited Casinos: Here you will find the casinos that were once Accredited at Casinomeister, but for one reason or another, they were removed from the site (not rogued). Many of these casinos are perfectly fine to play at (or to promote), but if you do so, you may have difficulties with communication, or with draconian or vague terms and conditions. Or perhaps something else that reflects on why they were booted from the site. Caveat Emptor.

Pending Baptism by Fire:

Here be the casinos that are getting their groove together before taking the plunge - Baptism by Fire. The BBF is our testing period for casinos where our members test them out and report their findings in the forum. If you choose to play there, please keep in mind that they may be going through teething pains, so please be gentle.

You can review the Pending Baptism by Fire Casinos here.

Not Accredited:

These are the casinos that are simply Not Accredited. These casinos have either never expressed an interest in joining Casinomeister, or do not meet the requirement of being listed at Casinomeister, or they could just be oblivious and have never really shecked out what Casinomeister is all about. We've been online since 1998, so I think that by now we know what we're doing.

Some of these casinos are fine, but have not been truly tested out by either me or the forum membership. Proceed with care.

Rogue No More:

No Longer Rogue: Ah, one of my favorite subjects - redemption. Here we have casinos that were at one time "pitified" i.e. thrown into the Rogue Pit. Yet they took it seriously enough that they fixed what was broken, went through a probation period, and clawed their way out of the pit. Even though they may be fully out of the rogue section, you should keep this in mind if you choose to play there. Proceed with caution.

Rogue Announcement

Pamper Casino!

A no pay, unlicensed, pirated software, stupidly named Rogue Casino.

Rogue section here...
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