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Worst Casino of 2016

Lying liars who lie to us...
Worst Casino Group 2016 Worst Casino Group 2016

The Affpower Casino Group rips this award right out of its dodgy competitors' hands. They can pride themselves in running probably the most corrupt casinos in the business - perhaps of all time. Their order of silence during the Euromoon Casino fiasco is tantamount of casino operators who either have lost their minds, their ethical compass - or they are the epitome of a nefarious business. Take your pick.

To be concise - this group was running several casinos that had installed pirated software. When questioned about this, they remained silent - and their licensing jurisdiction was in tandem with this scandalous operation. Not a single player was notified that they were playing illegitimate games; and their affiliate program went along with this as if it were just another day in cowboy-town.

Yes the Wild West of online gambling is still alive and well - and we have the goons at Affpower to thank for this.

You can read more about this here: AffPower Casinos | Faked Software | Rogue Review.

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