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Who wants to go grocery shopping!!!

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by , 7th November 2012 at 07:38 PM (7875 Views)
So exciting, right? Wrong.

I have to go grocery shopping today which is usually not a huge deal for most. However, when you have five, yes five growing kids that eat everything in the pantry within minutes of getting home from school it's a huge chore that I don't look forward to.

Today I will go for my monthly grocery shopping which will take about $950. That sounds like a lot but when you have five, it isn't. This is just the amount I will probably spend today and then have to go back and forth throughout the week to get things here and there .

I cook dinner every single night for my kids. I rarely just make like a frozen pizza or something so each and every night is at least 3 courses, which in my world is not that much when there is a whole bunch of little bellies at the table.

I cook because that is a way for all of us to hang out each night. No matter how hectic the day is, nothing better than sitting down and listening to the stresses of a 10 yr old girl. How much she has on her shoulders, how much she has to worry about..etc . Then my sons who have a lot of stress over which toy they want to play with or worries about what's for snack as they are eating is fun to listen to too.

All kidding aside, I look forward to the time when we all get together at night to talk.

I remember growing up that my Grandma cooked every night too, so it's just how I do things.

I hate shopping for the food though.

I am procrastinating today, thus the blog.


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  1. Brooklyn's Avatar
    The bad part is I didn't get it done with yet. LOL

    Oh and btw, this blog was just to kill time so I didn't have to go grocery shopping.
  2. P.V.'s Avatar
    Eat before you go, the menu doesn't look so appetizing, will save you a few bucks.
  3. rockycatt's Avatar
    I'm just the opposite i feel very comfortable shopping for food
    don't ask me why but maybe some one can tell me and i very rarely concern about the $$
    i like to cook i got a crock pot beef stew on right now

    just me R C
  4. Brooklyn's Avatar
    I hear you RC. I just hate the putting into the cart to take it out of the cart to put it back in and then take it back out to put it away.

    Other than that I love it.
  5. Akrasia's Avatar
    I'm so with you. I hate grocery shopping with a vengeance and I only have 3 kids. I also have a 10 year old daughter and I didn't realise they were all like that with the drama and everything lol. We are about to start homeschooling as well - I must be insane tbh hahaha. I can't believe you cook 3 courses each night, that is true diligence! Mine all have very different tastes which tends to make things very boring or I end up making a billion separate dishes. I'm not too keen on cooking either but nobody else is going to do it lol.
  6. chayton's Avatar
    I actually like grocery shopping when I've got lots of money and don't have to try to find the cheapest stuff or watch for sales or whatever. But I think the most I've ever paid in one shopping trip is maybe $200...of course we don't have a whole lot of mouths to feed. I'd probably have a heart attack in the store if I had your bill.
  7. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Akrasia
    I can't believe you cook 3 courses each night, that is true diligence! Mine all have very different tastes...
    So do mine. However, I was taught growing up as I had six brothers and sisters...if you don't eat, you don't get anything else.

    They caught on real fast.

    I still have a very picky eater. He is the type that wants dessert but no dinner. I don't think so .
  8. ksech's Avatar
    I used to cook every day when I had someone to cook for. We all sat at the table every night (no phones, no music, no tv allowed) discussing the good AND the bad of our day.

    I watch my grandsons on the weekends now (or are they watching me??? LOL), but I make them sit at the table with no phone, no music and no tv when we eat lunch. I don't know WHY they are so anxious for me to go live with them LMAO I make them clean their rooms, get their homework done and make sure their chores are done before mom and dad get home from work on sunday afternoon.

    As for the grocery shopping thanks!!! I'm not a shopper. My daughter is into this couponing big time (she does really good though. She saves between $50 to $100/week) so it takes a bit to get through the checkout. I go sit on the bench and wait until she's ready to leave the store LMAO


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