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Other Stuff Regards Cashouts

A technical section title I know, but there are a few odds 'n' sods worth mentioning. Firstly, some Microgaming casinos allow users to select a cashout option when they withdraw, although they do not support withdrawals to a credit card and unless your first deposit was by a debit card, them neither! See this is why eWallets are good :) A few other casinos also do this, but a large number have the withdrawal method cast in stone based on your first deposit method, although most will alter it for you on request if you so wish once your security documents are sorted. UK users are generally better suported in this regard than their US counterparts (more at UK casino banking) as are Europeans for that matter. Blame the DoJ!

Cryptologic's "Ecash" banking system is good, but I've noticed sometimes it won't let me withdraw the full amount back to my debit card. I think this is largely down to the fact that you need to have deposited an amount equal to or greater than your cashout over the course of the month. Also you canot withdraw to an eWallet until you have made at least one deposit of $20 or more - purely a security measure, but one to be aware of.

While not strictly related to casino banking, it's worth making a couple of notes about the Neteller ewallet as I tout it here so much. Neteller is free to set up, but you will need to "accredit" it with documentation at some stage, similar to that required above by the casinos. Once this is done, a quick and painless experience for me, you get more options and the ability to transfer money from Neteller to your bank.

It's fair to say that Neteller does make charges for just about every aspect of use, but they are not unfair for an otherwise free service, and there are no charges for depositing into, or from, your Neteller account. If you are outside the US and Canada, I'd advise you set one up for ease of use and to speed up casino cashouts. Check out their website and see what you think. Alternatively, look at the other eWallets mentioned in the deposit section.

My Conclusions

Neteller and debit cards are all I use at casinos. The casinos I play at most frequently are either Cryptologic casinos that don't employ the Reverse "feature", or Microgaming casinos who are prepared to reduce the Reverse time to 1 hour, or flush for me on request. I have very few problems cashing out, but I don't play bonuses very often and I have picked casinos renowned for good support (Intercasino, 32Red, Roxy Palace, Trident Lounge etc).

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