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How it's done
Only Casinomeister Accredited Casinos are allowed to actively promote their casinos at Casinomeister.

Becoming an "Accredited Casino" at Casinomeister is not as easy as it may look. It takes a certain amount of commitment that not every casino is able to muster.

Before making any inquires, please try to understand what Casinomeister is and what it is not. Casinomeister is not a marketing site. It is a site dedicated to the Casinomeister mission and philosophy of how players ought to be treated - and what is expected of a member casino.

Inquires sent to me via Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or other "free" email accounts will be deleted and blocked. If it's obvious you haven't read this page, your email will probably be trashed as well. Do your homework before making a business proposal please.

Casinomeister Accredited Casinos are required to meet the our standards. PLEASE READ THE CASINOMEISTER STANDARDS HERE BEFORE GOING FURTHER.

Additional Requirements on Becoming Accredited:

If your casino meets the above requirements, then that is a good start. We require that any casino up for consideration must be in business for at least two years* before attempting the "Baptism by Fire". The BBF is a sixty day mandatory probation period where our members will give your casino a "spin around the block" followed by a critique, perhaps criticism and suggestions. If all is okay after sixty days, then you become Accredited. And Accreditation is always under review; too many bad player experiences, failure to maintain expected standards, etc., these can jeopardize your casino's standing at Casinomeister.

Casinos without the mandatory two year experience can be accepted with a 120 day BBF period.

Casinos need to be self sustaining independent businesses that do not rely on third parties for finances and/or support. This disqualifies many white-label casinos, so please take note of that.

Also, casinos that are accepting US bets are disqualified unless they are licensed in the US. These casinos will be listed at Casinomeister.US.

Casinos that are licensed solely in the Caribbean - Antigua & Barbuda, Curaçao,, et al, are disqualified. These licenses are pretty much worthless and new casinos wishing to come on board need to upgrade to a better licensing jurisdiction before consideration. Click here for further information on licensing jurisdictions.

Still interested? Well subscribe to the newsletter(s), lurk or participate in the forum, watch the webcasts. In essence, get actively (or vicariously) involved.

Normally, I meet with the casino reps in person before I bring them on. This is so we can discuss how one approaches this industry (read the Meister's Mission statement).

Meet the Meister: I'll be chillin' at the following:
ICE 7-9 February: London
LAC 9-12 February: London

If you would like to meet up, please let me know. Thanks!

* operators who have newly launched casinos may have an opportunity to be listed in the Reservation under Non-Accredited Casinos, or Awaiting Baptism by Fire.
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