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Guts Casino Review

Best Casino of the year 2014
Review, Ratings, Payouts, Games, and other Details
Reviewed by Bryan Bailey:

Summary: Totally awesome casino that is worthy of praise.

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Besides an excellent name, Guts has what it takes to knock out its competitors when it comes to taking care of its players. No reverse time, less than two hour payments, and no payout limits, they have a top notch management team that ensures that their player's needs are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

CasinoBen is the casino rep in our forum. He is a seasoned manager and knows what he is doing.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Ratings at a glance
Reverse Time:
Cash Out Time:
Weekly Withdrawal Limits:
Meister Points:

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Data from our Meister Minions.
1Dec 01st, 2016UKGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs0.55 HrsNoNo-
2Nov 16th, 2016UKGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs0.25 HrsNoNo-
3Oct 11th, 2016UKGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs1.07 HrsNoNo-
4Sep 27th, 2016UKGutsSkrill3.00 Hrs3.55 HrsNoNo-
5Aug 31st, 2016IrelandGutsNeteller0.00 Hrs0.30 HrsNoNo-
6Aug 27th, 2016FinlandGutsNeteller0.00 Hrs0.20 HrsNoYes-
7Aug 17th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs2.07 HrsNoNo-
8Jul 27th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs1.05 HrsNoNo-
9Jun 19th, 2016United KingdomGutsVisa Debit0.00 Hrs48.00 HrsNoYes-
10Jun 03rd, 2016United KingdomGutsNeteller0.00 Hrs2.05 HrsNoNo-
11May 30th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs2.00 HrsNoNo-
12May 24th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs0.20 HrsNoNo-
13May 24th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs0.15 HrsNoNo-
14May 18th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs1.45 HrsNoNo-
15May 15th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill2.00 Hrs2.00 HrsNoYes-
16Apr 21st, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs1.30 HrsNoNo-
17Apr 04th, 2016ThailandGutsNeteller0.00 Hrs1.24 HrsNoNo-
18Apr 04th, 2016ThailandGutsNeteller0.00 Hrs12.01 HrsNoNolarge withdrawals are processed only between 08.00am - 10.00pm CET
19Mar 29th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs6.00 HrsNoNo-
20Mar 15th, 2016United KingdomGutsSkrill0.00 Hrs2.00 HrsNoNo-

Author: Casinomeister

  • Best CM Casino of the Year 2014
  • Fast Payouts
  • Flushing Possible
  • No Withdrawal Limits
  • Responsive and helpful forum representative
  • Weekend payouts
  • AUD, USD, CAD, Euro, GBP, NOK, SEK , DKK accepted
  • English, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish spoken
  • Not much to say here

Casino Information

Casino Guts
Casino Owner Zecure Gaming Ltd
Established: June 2013
Accredited: August 2013
Software: Netent, MGS, Betsoft, IGT, Sheriff Gaming, OMI
US: No
Licensing Jurisdiction Malta, Curacao
Publicly traded: No
Casino Reps:
Casino Reps: Guts - Yits Head of Casino Operations
Casinomeister Blog No
Affiliate Program:

Payouts and Gaming Info

Reverse Time: 0
Cashout Time: less than 2 hours
Withdrawal Limits: None
Weekend Cashouts: Yes
Manual Flushing Yes
Mobile: Yes
Sports: Yes
Poker:: (coming November)

CM Accolades

Best Casino Global 2014
Best New Casino 2013

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